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Chamber SWLA Membership Means Being Part of a Family

Posted by: Paula Ramsey on Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Thank you to our Chamber Southwest Louisiana members. We wouldn’t be the organization we are today without each and every one of you!

Since 1903, the Chamber has been a long-standing institution in Southwest Louisiana.

That’s right – this year is our 116th anniversary of service to our five parish business community.

Hundreds of women and men have sacrificed much to make wonderful things happen in our community. Why? Love of their community.

Those people are Southwest Louisiana’s cheerleaders. They are the civic-minded business owners and leaders who want this community to win, and to win big. They are the people who put their money where their mouths are and become a part of the solution to our challenges as a region, rather than the problem.

Like me, they believe our community will never be good enough for any of us until it is good enough for all of us.

We are doing the same work we have always done, but we are intentionally taking the time to engage those who support our work and to tell the story of “why.” The streets of this amazing community are filled with Chamber SWLA champions, and we are grateful they are a part of our family!

You see, the Chamber SWLA is people. People doing all those things that many folks think “just happens.” But the truth of the matter is that nothing just happens.

The Chamber SWLA’s work is purposeful, transparent, accountable and strategic. This is an organization that is driven by the leadership of its investors.

At our core, we are a small yet sophisticated local nonprofit, that runs lean and is positioned to always be in the corner of business, no matter what.

We don’t make willynilly policy decisions based on the interests of a few.

Rather, our positions on issues that impact your business and the community as a whole are based on a long range vision and facts along with broad input.

Our members elect their peer representatives (our Board of Directors) each year to make those decisions.

Business advocacy is paramount to an economically vibrant region, and that effort is privately funded by our growing membership.

We are present in local government in Baton Rouge, in Washington and elsewhere to influence policy and to ensure that the stage is set and maintained for business success right here at home.

Having a positive, productive relationship with government at all levels matters. We are often able to resolve challenges for our members through those relationships.

So, when you hear that the Chamber SWLA is working on something, understand two things – one, everything we do has our members as the reason, and our policies and business lines are determined by our members.

Just like we’ve done for 116 years, we leverage the passion, time, treasure and spirit of our members to ensure that Southwest Louisiana remains competitive in an ever increasingly competitive global marketplace.

I invite you, as always to help share the Chamber’s story – but more importantly, to be a part of writing the next chapter. This organization is fortunate to work with business, government and our community from an important vantage point, and we take our role seriously. I hope that’s evident in our work. you for your support!


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