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Sulphur Marketing Piece, Part of Continued Place Branding

Posted by: Eric Cormier on Tuesday, January 25, 2022

 We are in the first quarter of a new year. Now is the time to put goals and plans into action.

Such a notion is not only beneficial for individuals, groups and companies, it also applies to government…local government.

One municipal government in our area in particular is worthy of attention. Late last year, the City of Sulphur made a goal of enhancing its branding efforts.

Mayor Mike Danahay and his administration decided that after COVID-19 and natural disasters – all have impacted infrastructure, growth and revenue – past place branding efforts needed to be tweaked.

What is place branding?

It is the process of using media, advertising, marketing and public relations techniques and strategies are utilized to maximize economic and cultural opportunities for a designated area, city or region.

Showcasing a place’s culture, people, and other assets in an effort to boost pride and catch the eye of outsiders is the ultimate target.

All sorts of mass communications, marketing and advertising tools are used. Efforts never stop. Grabbing internal and external audiences is a second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day...(you get the picture) effort.

So what did Sulphur do?

A press release from Visit Lake Charles on January 11 stated, “With the majority of Americans looking to explore and plan vacations for the New Year, the City of Sulphur is proactive with its vision to create a brochure, which highlights experiences to be had by visitors traveling along both Interstate 10 and Highway 90.”

This is a big deal.

Sometimes we all take for granted what good aspects exist in our home towns. I am a big believer in the thought that the greatest public relations efforts for a city are based in the comments made by citizens when they leave for short term vacations or longer jaunts.

People who appreciate their town or city talk about them and share their passion in ways pictures and slogans do not always accomplish.

This brochure features stops of the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail, Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point, Henning Cultural Center, Flock of Five Art Emporium, SPAR Recreation and Aquatic Center, The Village Coffee House, The Grove, and Maplewood Commons…those are just the starters.

A team was involved in creating the brochure (most of them from Sulphur) and they wanted to make sure that everyone would know the city’s foundation is faith, family and community. The product’s theme is
Sulphur, Louisiana – Seasoned to Perfection in Every Season.”

“Whenever the brochure came to life, I think that everyone involved in the project was genuinely proud to see all that there is to see and do in the City of Sulphur. The quality of activities, experiences, events and attractions showcased will help visitors understand the different facets of the community and how to explore Sulphur like a local,” said Mayor Mike Danahay, Mayor of Sulphur.

Visit Lake Charles Vice President of Communications Angie Manning agreed with Mayor Danahay’s sentiments.

“As a creative writer, there are certain projects that spark the imagination with words flowing freely and swiftly, and this was one of those projects for me. Being from Sulphur, I have always noticed and promoted the hidden gems, charming businesses, festivals and attractions found in the city. It was a pleasure to work with the City of Sulphur, Oran Parker’s team (Parker Brand Creative Services--Sulphur) and the SWLA Economic Development Alliance on this piece that is near and dear to my heart.

“I believe that the brochure will help put a bright spotlight on the variety of offerings that people can experience in Sulphur so that it’s easier for visitors to understand the breadth of what is available to explore.”

The brochure can be obtained at Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point, the Henning Cultural Center and Visit Lake Charles Welcome Center. To view the digital brochure, visit


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