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SWLA’s Current Narrative Cannot Be Drive by Negative Perceptions Because Positive Press Abounds

Posted by: Eric Cormier on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

     A negative attitude is easy to formulate and foster.


     Because human beings are hardwired to place more attention on situations and experiences that are perceived as negative. This happens on a personal and collective basis.

     Dwelling on the troubles and expecting nothing good to happen can paralyze a person or locals eventual growth.

     Shirley MacLaine is quoted as saying “Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power.”

     If you read media outlets from around the country, the story of Southwest Louisiana can be depressing.

     Our region’s woes are well documented as a result of global pandemic, two hurricanes, flooding and a winter storm.

     All of us are prone to exhibiting a pessimistic or fatalistic attitude considering our recent history.

     From an economic development standpoint, the downtrodden mindset is not acceptable. In a free market economy, a person or group is challenged with problems every day. In fact, some would say it is the business community that is best equipped to utilize innovation to find solutions to problems that solve some of society's issues while at the same time reaping financial benefits.

     So is SWLA just doom and gloom?

     Read the following headlines, each based in the five parish area and decide for yourself:

  • Venture Global gets OK on 4thLNG block at Louisiana Calcasieu plant (Reuters)
  • Bechtel to begin work on $30 billion Louisiana LNG plant in April (Global Construction Review)
  • Cheniere Completes New Sabine Pass LNG Export Unit in Louisiana (Reuters)
  • Venture Global Gets OK to Load LNG on First Vessel at La. Calcasieu Plant (Reuters)
  • Entergy Examines Options to Green Louisiana LNG Plant (
  • Cameron To Get $300,000 in Coastal Work Funds (American Press)
  • Cameron Communications Announces Fiber Broadband Expansion Project to Serve Westlake, LA (GlobeNewswire)
  • ‘My McNeese’ Classroom Unveiled Courtesy of Chennault Partnership
  • Road to Recovery: After the storms, SOWELA will be ‘pretty much a new campus’ (American Press)
  • DeQuincy Lumber Mill Back in Business (KPLC)
  • Lake Charles City Council Approves $3.1 million for Drainage ( – Houston Chronicle)
  • Eat Play Stay: Brewing and a Bustling Art Scene in Lake Charles (
  • Volunteers Plant over 5,000 Trees at Sam Houston Jones State Park (KPLC)
  • Carboline in Lake Charles Recognized by Louisiana Economic Development (KPLC)
  • Construction in Lake Charles, LA., Expanding Old Casino into a First-Class Venue (
  • Cassidy Announces $1 Million for Lake Charles Airport (

     Those are just a smidgen of the great stories detailing growth, progress and work going on here.

     Anyone who understands media cycles, will agree that negative sells because humans are predisposed to grabbing onto and internalizing troubles and tribulations.

     For our purposes, at a time when recruiting, retaining and expanding are crucial, it would help all of us to share as many doses of wonderful and spirit enhancing news as possible.

     Nobody wants to live in our environment and not acknowledge the challenges that are daunting at times. Yet, we are getting some wins every day.

     In the past century our citizens went through pandemics, economic tragedy (Depression and moments of inflation), world wars, the industrial boom and bust, hurricanes and winter storms, etc.

     Guess what.

     They survived and as a result, we are here today.

     Whenever you feel down or believe a business won’t make it, remember…SWLA is strong and we have the people and stories to prove it.


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