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Environmental Affairs

This committee is dedicated to solving environmental issues in Southwest Louisiana.







Want to Join?

GRADUATE STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND -- Learn about opportunities in environmental fields

The Environmental Affairs Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of each month. Contact Portia Metoyer, or (337) 433-3632, to sign up for email notifications of upcoming meeting places and times.

Report sightings of the invasive species Apple Snail

  • ANS Hotline: 225-756-3977
  • ANS Email:
    • These are the best way of reporting ANS sightings to LDWF.
    • Sighting of new locations are verified.
    • Pictures or specimen, coordinates and contact information make it easier for us to confirm identification.










To learn more about the apple snail, click HERE.


Environmental News & Resources

Calcasieu Ship Channel Salinity Control Measures

Special Report: Management of the Cameron-Creole Watershed Project 1980-2011 (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Coastal Projects

Help with Ozone Attainment


MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Environmental Affairs Committee of the Chamber Southwest is to identify environmental issues that affect the citizens and businesses of Southwest Louisiana, and then facilitate continuous improvements on those issues.

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