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Food in SWLA

In SWLA, residents work and play hard.

Between those two activities, they love to eat.
SWLA's cuisine is based on fusion at the highest and most defined level. 
Aside from Cajun and Creole, cultural influences found on kitchen stoves and enjoyed on family plates include: Soul, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin, and Caribbean. 
Whether its  boudin, crawfish etouffee, chicken and sausage gumbo, fried seafood, smothered beef with gravy over rice, red beans and rice, or a po-boy, eating in SWLA will make you happy and inspired.  
Simply put, food is a passion in SWLA. As much as we love flavorful and soul inspiring food, we want to share it with visitors.
We live fusion everyday.
Photo of Steamboat Bills by Lindsey Janies Photography

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