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SWLA Higher Education Institutions Support Internships

McNeese State University offers interns for businesses. If you are an employer interested in interviewing a McNeese student to be an intern, fill out their online request using this LINK.

For interns directly from the College of Business (Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Management with H.R. Concentration), email Morgan Turpin, Internship Director at

Fields of study for interns include:

Accounting, Finance, and Economics, Agricultural Sciences, Biology and Health Sciences, Chemical Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Physics, Education Professions, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, English and Foreign Languages, General and Basic Studies, Graduate Education Programs, Graduate Studies, Health and Human Performance, History, Management, Marketing, and Business Administration, Mass Communications, Mathematical Sciences, Nursing, Performing Arts, Psychology, Social Sciences and Visual Arts. 

Sowela Technical Community College offers interns in the following fields:

For more information about internships, visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division at or call 866-487-9243.

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