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CHAMBER SWLA HOW TO: Email Marketing

Published Thursday, April 9, 2020

Many local businesses are trying to figure out their short and long-term futures amid COVID-19.

Some are closed temporarily in hopes of weathering the proverbial storm while others are operating with a reduced workforce or hours of operation.

Others are fortunate enough to have services and products needed day-to-day and have adjusted to the current situation.

No matter what the circumstances, the goal of remaining viable now or in the future can be managed by using technology-driven marketing and public relations tools.

For instance, email marketing is considered one of the best ways to inform current and potential clients.

Healthy Image Marketing owner/partner Kristy Armand views email marketing as essential for any business operating in today’s COVID-19 environment.

“Especially for small business owners. This is probably one of the only avenues of communication easily available to them. A business is able to keep itself visible and let the public and customers know what is going on with your business,” she said.

Small business owners should consider utilizing their customer email list to inform them of any business modifications, hours of operation, along with checking in on customers.

“You have to let customers and the public know you are available,” Armand said.

Healthy Image staff has sent emails to clients letting them employees are working remotely, are on the job and there to help.

“We’ve even sent ideas to some clients and they have responded needing some services,” Armand said.

All businesses, small or large, have to understand they have an audience. Any good email marketing piece includes good content that is interesting, compelling and honest.

Here are some tips for effective email marketing (from

  • Act quickly.
  • Be compassionate and considerate.
  • Describe actions your taking to deal with the situation.
  • Try to help.
  • Don’t joke about the situation.
  • Show your audience you care.

Search for samples of good email marketing pieces or reach out to Chamber SWLA member marketing and public relations agencies at for assistance.

Eric Cormier is Vice President of Policy and Strategic Development at the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance/Chamber SWLA. He can be contacted at 337-433-3632 or

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