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Armand Named 2020 Volunteer of the Year

Published Wednesday, August 11, 2021
The presentation of the Volunteer of the Year Award which was given by Paula Ramsey, VP, Chamber SWLA (pictured from left to right, Ramsey, Armand, and George Swift, SWLA Alliance President & CEO):
The following was the presentation given by Swift at the recent Back to Business event:
The year 2020 changed how we did everything and this year’s Volunteer of the Year was with us every step of the way – offering support and advice – always letting us know that things were going to be okay, we were going to figure it out, and hard work solves most issues.
Our Volunteer of the Year has over 30 years of experience in marketing and communications as part of a highly regarded company that was named one of the U.S. Chamber’s top 100 small businesses in the country and LED’s Small Business of the Year for our region.
Personally, our Volunteer of the Year has been named a WBN Business Leader, one of the 75 notable alumni from McNeese and recipient of numerous marketing awards!
Our 2020 Volunteer of the Year Kristy Armand of Healthy Image Marketing and Thrive Magazine.
When 2020 started, Kristy was looking forward to a full-year of speaking at events, presiding over the Chamber SWLA Board meetings, and being a leader of the programs and services of the Chamber SWLA. Her traditional board service only lasted two months. By the end of March, she and George were working together on how to navigate our regional business community through the COVID-19 lockdown. Then, Hurricane Laura decided to visit, followed by Hurricane Delta, complicating matters and demanding another redirection of focus and efforts.
Kristy, you were deprived of the year of celebrations and milestones other Chairs get to enjoy, but the staff of the Chamber and Alliance don’t know how we would have navigated this without your study and calm collaboration with George Swift and the rest of the Executive Board.
Our thanks to you, for being at the helm during our most turbulent year.

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