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2020: 8th Annual Business Pitch

Published Thursday, August 13, 2020

“The Business Incubator Business Pitch Competition is a premier showcase for up and coming entrepreneurs.  The diversity of ideas on display clearly demonstrates that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and flourishing in Southwest Louisiana.  This year's competition is confirmation of that fact. The winners and finalists will now move forward to take advantage of the resources available to them in the Incubator on SWLA Alliance for Economic Development" Adrian Wallace, Executive Director, The SEED Center Business Incubator


Balancing public health with economic recovery

Published Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Balancing health and economic prosperity is difficult in the age of COVID-19.

As the disease continues its physical onslaught around the world, the virus’s tentacles have impacted the economy, like no other crisis.

Managing the circumstances related to COVID-19 has divided some citizens and leaders into two camps: Those who want to follow advice from medical professionals and health policymakers who caution against resuming normal life too quickly and those who believe the economy has to be re-engaged now in order to stave off collapse.


Alliance Endorses Framework for State’s Economic Recovery

Published Friday, April 17, 2020

The Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance and Chamber SWLA endorses Louisiana Association of Business and Industry's  (LABI) plan to restart the state's economy in a responsible and safety-oriented manner. LABI worked with executives from the health care, manufacturing, automotive, banking, small business, and engineering industries, among others, and with peer business organizations and associations from around the state to develop this plan.

The executive summary precedes the release of a fuller commentary that is still under review. This summary should be widely shared and reviewed. It includehealth and safety considerations, critical considerations for officials and employers prior to reopening, and three components to a gradual process for reopening the economy. 

Entergy Held Webinar

Published Monday, April 13, 2020
Many small businesses that are critical to the local economy are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help do our part in assisting Louisiana’s neighborhoods and communities weather this storm, Entergy Louisiana created a new website to connect small businesses with resources being provided by government agencies and state and regional allies:

CHAMBER SWLA HOW TO: Email Marketing

Published Thursday, April 9, 2020

Many local businesses are trying to figure out their short and long-term futures amid COVID-19.

Some are closed temporarily in hopes of weathering the proverbial storm while others are operating with a reduced workforce or hours of operation.

Others are fortunate enough to have services and products needed day-to-day and have adjusted to the current situation.

No matter what the circumstances, the goal of remaining viable now or in the future can be managed by using technology-driven marketing and public relations tools.


Apply for the Paycheck Protection Program

Published Friday, April 3, 2020
Today (Friday, April 3) is the day for businesses to begin application for the Paycheck Protection Program

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